2020 Battilossi | P. IVA 11160480015 | COD. UNIV. BA6ET11

Series #2

Innovation drives all of our collections, and finding a new spirit from the traditional weaving techniques from Tibet was the starting point for this series. The experience and deep knowledge of our whole team was distilled into the new weave and finishing of these rugs. The handmade and organic feel, the unique signature of all our carpets, is successfully combined with our artisans’ ability to weave complex patterns with the material associated with the best Nepalese carpets. Our admiration for the historical weaving techniques of Nepal and Tibet made us realise just what it would be possible for our talented weavers to achieve with this collection, which is a complete departure from conventional modes of production. With a more organic handle, these intricate weaves allow for the translation of complex images into pile. Each composition, each motif has its own cut finish , meaning that each carpet has its own character.

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