2020 Battilossi | P. IVA 11160480015 | COD. UNIV. BA6ET11


The desire behind Avita is to add a layer of sophistication to the flatweave carpet. Our intention is to create a great product with such complex workmanship that the difference between a handknotted carpet and a flatweave creation is blurred. To achieve this, we have experimented with different weaving techniques and embroidery. Intense yet natural colours, the finest handspun Ghazni wool, kilim weaving and mixed weft wrapping techniques (soumak) come together to give the collection a unique look. Avita has the scent of the sea, the roughness of the sand, and the bright tones of nature. These exceptional rugs express their character through materiality and spectacular colour. Designed for contemporary and modern interiors, they work in perfect harmony with marble, wood and leather.