2020 Battilossi | P. IVA 11160480015 | COD. UNIV. BA6ET11


Eclectica brings together the different skills of all team members. It is the innovative vision of a designer with a passionate devotion to beauty in handmade rugs. Designed in Italy and handknotted in Lahore, the process entails particularly complex weaving techniques and supreme attention to detail, with the unique surface achieved through the meticulous work of a team of restorers of antique rugs. Small-pot dyeing heightens the texture in a celebration of colour. Inspired by the surfaces we see around us, Eclectica is a meditation on the life cycle of manmade materials. The abstract, organic designs in the collection demonstrate how sublime refinement can be found in something as prosaic as a corroded sheet of metal, and the profound abilities of yarn to transform and tell tangible stories.

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