2020 Battilossi | P. IVA 11160480015 | COD. UNIV. BA6ET11


Metafisica (metaphysics) is a term commonly used in reference to what exists beyond empirical reality. The painter Giorgio de Chirico used this term in the early 20th century to describe places, great works of art of the past, and his own paintings. Our interpretation is based on the combination of different layers of perspective, through complex lines and fields, to create an architectural stage where all levels of the carpet interact and achieve a harmonious yet ultra- contemporary result. The Metafisica collection embodies a play between clear graphics and hidden shapes, where colours and textures contribute in a subtle but fundamental way, softening the hardness of the design concept. The first three designs, Chirico, Metropolis and Paradigma, represent a new style in carpets, echoing both rationalism and classical tradition.

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