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Battilossi announces the new partnership with Verolino Contemporary

Battilossi announces the new partnership with Verolino Contemporary

We are delighted to announce the new collaboration between Battilossi and Verolino Contemporary in Modena, Italy. Situated in an elegant barrel-vaulted shopping arcade on Via Farini 70 across from the Piazza Roma and Palazzo Ducale, Verolino Contemporary overlooks a palace that reached its pinnacle of architectural and artistic achievement when it was remodeled as a Baroque masterpiece in the 17th century.

Founded in 2011 by antique carpet and tapestry expert Raffaele Verolino and his son Antonio, Verolino Contemporary is not just a store but also a contemporary rug and textile art gallery. The brand’s philosophy is to offer objects that express modern taste yet possess the innate quality and inherent value found in the finest antique carpets. This philosophy aligns perfectly with the experience andphilosophy of Battilossi, and is the impetus behind our new partnership. Verolino Contemporary is unique; it is the only store in the area that presents this concept.

“The partnership between Verolino Contemporary and Battilossi stems from a shared vision of the carpet, focused on creating contemporary textile pieces with the same quality and “taste” typical of antique carpets. I was immediately fascinated by the style of Battilossi collections, characterised  by a sort of synthesis that Maurizio Battilossi has implemented in the design of the rugs, favouring colour combinations, different qualities, patterns and finishing details,” says Antonio Verolino, owner of Verolino Contemporary.

Battilossi offers the finest contemporary rugs. Each rug is more than a functional object – it is experiential art. Demonstrating the elevated nature of each Battilossi rug to clients compels our new partnership and is the reason why a gallery is essential to showing – rather than telling – the culture, knowledge, history, techniques and creativity behind the Battilossi brand.

Verolino Contemporary is the second branded space in Italy after the partnership with La Datina in Florence, started in 2019. There is growing national market demand for this type of store where contemporary rugs of the highest quality are given the same surroundings and quality of service for private clients and the architecture and interior design communities that is usually reserved for antique rugs.

Choose a rug from a Battilossi collection, or have one customised from your chosen colour, design, weaving technique, material, size and shape.

Battilossi is here to support professional colleagues like Verolino Contemporary and La Datina who have shifted from the multibrand store concept to a monobrand concept that delivers the quintessential customer experience.

Visit us at Verolino Contemporary. Battilossi collections are now on show and the staff is at your disposal to help you choose the perfect rug.




Visit us at:

Galleria Battilossi – Turin (Italy)

Via Giolitti, 45g, 10123 Torino (TO)

La Datina – Florence (Italy)

Borgo Ognissanti, 56r, 50123 Firenze (FI)

Verolino Contemporary – Modena (Italy)

Via Luigi Carlo Farini, 70, 41121 Modena (MO)

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