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Dream it, Believe it, Create it

Dream it, Believe it, Create it

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” as the traditional wedding rhyme goes. Just as this mantra was important to brides in eras before, we can’t help but relate this to our ethos, Galleria Battilossi.

“Something old” – stands for continuity: A small restoration atelier founded in 1959 by Romolo Battilossi was the start of it all, and in between the dyeing of yarns, and hours of deft fingers weaving and knotting, it soon became a trade shop. With his scrupulous eye, refined taste, and travels locally and internationally, Romolo, accompanied by his son to act as an interpreter, began to accumulate an extraordinary collection of important antique carpets and textiles, some often fetching record breaking prices at auctions that were unheard of and spot lighting significant pieces of art, just as important now as they were back then.

Romolo, a man who knew not only the market, but able to direct it too. What beauty he must have seen. What characters he must have met. What adventures and stories he must have been able to tell. And up to present day, though the story of Battilossi hasn’t changed, some things inevitably have. “Something new” – shows optimism for the future: So with Romolo’s children, Marina and Maurizio, at the helm of this family business, the small shop front has grown up. Located in the prominent and classical area of Turin, Marina, with her fathers sensibility for restoration, immerses herself in the world of yarns, colours, and textures and oversees all facets of the restoration and conservation element of the business, while Maurizio, with his fathers knowledge and his own expertise in the area of carpets, surrounds himself with the timeless beauty of antique tactile works of art and stunning modern creations produced in the East, directs the company. With the merge of the old and the new, an evolution takes place, and a contemporary direction is explored. “Something borrowed” – symbolises borrowed happiness:

Taking back the original showroom which Romolo had created back in 1985, the gallery reopened in 2018, articulately renovated and adapted to modern times, making it once again a retail space to showcase beautiful weavings and eclectic collections, along with original exhibitions and unique temporary pop-up shops. “Something blue” – represents purity, love and fidelity: Obviously some things never change, and like a cycle we complete, we return back to what has always been from the beginning the strength of the Battilossi name.

What has inspired us from the start and continues to provoke us until tomorrow, has been the clarity of our passion and respect for beauty. We strive to preserve it, learn, educate and create from it, and because of our trust in it, it leads us on a journey full of wonder and hope. The story continues, and yet, we’ve only just begun.

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