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After 60 years dedicated to textile art, the Turin carpet brand has chosen to make a new mark in the world of interior design by creating a line of furniture inspired by the shapes of the Ming and Qing styles.

The unique pieces that make up the series are produced in Kathmandu, in a small craft workshop. A refined encounter between East and West from which elements that blend research, history and design emerge.

From Marco Polo’s tales to the works of impressionist painters, passing through Puccini’s Turandot to the present day: the millennial Chinese culture has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Western world. A passion that does not leave even Battilossi indifferent, a historical carpet manufacturer from Turin, who has chosen to draw inspiration from the Land of the Great Wall to trace a new sign in the world of home decor giving birth to B.Sign, Battilossi Design, its first furniture line. Created on the occasion of the brand’s 60th anniversary, the collection was born from the encounter between furniture and oriental philosophy, a theme dear to Battilossi and already explored in the production of carpets. B. Sign consists of a series of tea tables and brings together unique pieces that are the result of careful attention to detail, made in different shapes and sizes, refined lines and essential structure. To design the series, Battilossi was inspired by the elegant and simple shapes of the Ming dynasty and the supple and soft shapes typical of the Qing style. Far-off epochs, the 17th century the first and the 20th century the second, but all have lines and materials in common

These objects, initially produced in honor of the purity and beauty represented by the Chinese tradition, now form a new proposal by Galleria Battilossi that decides to take a new small step in the field of interior design.

“After the vast experience gained in the field of antique carpets and the creation of original contemporary pieces, we have decided to open up to a new element – explains Maurizio Battilossi, founder of Galleria Battilossi – For those who, like us, dedicate their commitment and passion to interior design and the taste for beauty, imagining an environment that extends from the carpet to other complements is a natural progression. Halfway between a challenge and a dream, this line enhances our idea of furniture made of a few essential elements: not a minimalism tout court, but the expression of a beauty where materials, colours, signs and lines play and dialogue with each other, regulated by a common thread that keeps shapes and proportions in balance”.

Linear, sober and harmonious, the tables are made of rosewood, hardwood and precious red-purple wood that grows in the mountains of the Nepalese Himalayas. The different seasonings of the wood give rise to variations in colour, an expression of the beauty and infinite range of shades offered by a natural material. Faithfully following the Chinese tradition, every element of the B.Sign Series is created without using any nails, but using an articulated game of joints and natural glues. The exaltation of the beauty of the raw material allows to furnish rooms in a versatile way, creating pleasant and refined atmospheres and illuminating the home with grace and charm.

Particular is the fact that the samples of the collection will be available in stock every six months: limited editions, therefore, made in a small carpentry workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal, in the sign of craftsmanship and quality. In order to adapt to any space, each element can be made to measure, according to the customer’s needs.


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