2020 Battilossi | P. IVA 11160480015 | COD. UNIV. BA6ET11
A space for inspiration

A space for inspiration

This is what it says. In bold letters. Right there, on the window front near to eye level. Taking up space itself. Stopping you in your tracks. And making you wonder: what does that mean? So how do we get inspired? By surrounding ourselves with positive energy, and thereby creating a healthy mindset for being inspired. By surrounding ourselves with things that genuinely stimulate. By surrounding ourselves with people that motivate and inspire. Things that inevitably make us feel happier, and with an outlook that makes one more receptive to inspiration. What about reading? Enabling one to provoke new thoughts and ideas, form or change opinions. Shedding light on dark.

Opening ones mind. Something that sparks! What about learning? Delving into the unknown to gain and challenge. Or better yet, learning deeply, not just expanding the knowledge but being able to implement it so as to create, solve, help, contribute. What about changing the scenery? Noticing something new everyday. Listening to something foreign? Smelling something unfamiliar. Trying something new. And if one is to enter into Galleria Battilossi, crossing the threshold into beauty and serenity – which is already a good start for inspiration and checking off the above list – one can comprehend what this tag line means and how it relates to their world of interiors, A carpet isn’t just a floor covering here. It takes centre stage when its supported by new visuals and ideas on how to place it, how to show off and show up, how to enhance. There’s a warp and weft to embellish from the choices and options displayed; remarkable graphics and hues that one can connect with, or better still, be pleasantly unsettled – the sense one feels when they discover they are moved by something that they didn’t think possible. Physically and emotionally the carpet starts to take shape.

Together under expert guidance one is able to recognise originality and individuality before them, to distinguish factors between contemporary and historical pieces, assured that their creation or selection, which can be envisaged not just in their heart but also in their home, will make it more than just a dwelling to live in. Inspired by not only colours and visuals, the exploration goes deep into the world of interiors- furnishing accessories and objects, design pieces discerningly selected to inspire and complement any interior. Sure, inspiration has to have a starting point, where the power of imagination makes us infinite, make this place the start, a space for inspiration.

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